Rockets, Apparently from Sinai, Strike Eilat, Aqaba

[The following is JTA’s column of Daily Briefs for Aug. 2, 2010.]

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Five rockets suspected to have been fired from Sinai hit Eilat and Aqaba Monday.

A Jordanian man was killed and three people were wounded when one of the rockets hit central Aqaba, a Jordanian Red Sea port city. There were no casualties reported in Eilat, where the rocket struck north of the hotel area.

Israel’s military said it was in contact with the Jordanian and Egyptian armies following the incident.

Explosions rocked the southern Israeli port city of Eilat, a popular tourist destination, on Monday morning. The attacks come just days after a Grad-style Katyusha rocket and Kassam rockets fired from Gaza struck the western Negev.

Egyptian officials told Israeli media that the attack could not have originated from Sinai, which they said is heavily secured.

In April, three rockets were fired from Sinai at the Eilat beach, the first time the city had been hit in five years.

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