Revolutionary treatment at WGH saves infant with whooping cough

Innovative treatment is a critical factor in the care for many patients, as was true for a 4-month-old infant brought to Western Galilee Hospital recently. Left with few care options, the multidisciplinary staff of WGH attempted an approach that has never before been used in Israel.

The revolutionary use of blood replacement proved to be the deciding factor in the life of this small patient who was successfully released from the hospital after recovery.

Reported by Jerusalem Post’s Health Reporter Judy Segal-Itzkovich, the proceedure required the cooperation of multiple departments and individuals; Dr. Zeev Sonis, Director of Pediatric ICU; Dr. Yoav Hoffman and Dr. Hussein Dabbah of the Pediatric ICU, Dr. Amir Kuperman of Hemotology; and Dr. Danny Glickman, Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease Unit.

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