Review: Sababa Concert

[by Kathy Fields]

I was lucky enough to attend the Sababa concert at Keneseth Israel on Sunday morning, February 5. Sababa, which means “really cool, really awesome” in Hebrew slang, is a pitch perfect folk rock band that blends Hebrew liturgical lyrics with bouncy guitar and mandolin music. Many of the younger children attending had never been to a musical concert and were enchanted by what they saw and heard. The audience was encouraged to sing along and as they grew used to the music, the braver kids began to dance not just in their seats, but also in the back of the sanctuary.

They were invited down to be closer to the band and added an enormous amount of energy and fun to a delightful morning. The last song was “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,” which was more contemplative and was lead by the Sababa trio, Cantor Sharon Hordes, Cantor David Lipp and a volunteer children’s choir. “My friends and I really enjoyed the KI music concert,” said Baily Doctrow. “I could relate to it because the tune of a couple of the songs were the same ones at the Jewish camp I go to, G.U.C.I. Not only did we clap, but we had the chance to stand up and wave our arms, feeling that we were included as well. “The Sababa group was fantastic with their whimsical and talented group of performers,” she continued. “They also entertained us with funny comments about different songs and topics. It was actually really good that I had the chance to listen to Sababa’s music.”

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