Review: Hairspray

[by Robert E. Steinman]

We giggled and belly-laughed as CenterStage proceeded to outdo themselves yet again. The cast frolicked, rollicked, sang and acted their way through a wonderful presentation of Hairspray – and if you missed it, you should not have!

The show also carried two serious messages along with the fun and glitz of this multi-award-winning play.

The curtain calls and an enthusiastic standing ovation could hardly thank the outstanding cast enough. The actors and actresses made this fine musical a hit to be remembered. Come, see for yourself how entertaining CenterStage can be.


But back to Hairspray. The story is placed in the 1962 environment of Baltimore, MD. As with some other parts of America, there was a growing dislike for the indignity of segregation, especially among young people. They captured it in Hairspray. And as if that was not enough to deal with, there was another serious theme. It was that being a “pleasantly plump” young lady should not disqualify you from becoming a talent contest winner and a teenage dancing idol.

The story took a rather circuitous route to overcome both insults amid a series of frequently hilarious events and encounters. Through the music, costuming and acting they led the audience to successful conclusions about real world challenges. Actors performed the music, songs and dances flawlessly.

CenterStage Artistic Director, John Leffert, helped turn on the packed house as he played Edna Turnblad, mother of pleasantly plump Tracy Turnblad, skillfully played by Jill Sullivan. Space does not permit pointing fingers and naming names but the entire cast was great – wish we could see it again!

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