Review – A Chorus Line

[Archived from January 23, 2009]

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

As my own daughter is an actor, preparing to launch her career on stage in the not too distant future, A Chorus Line, performed by the Jewish Community Center’s CenterStage Company strikes uncomfortably close to home.

Dancers turn up to audition for a Broadway show, not even knowing how many people the director is interested in hiring. The parts are not glamorous – only bits in a dance ensemble. Because the director has the power to grant or deny desperately needed jobs, the dancers comply with his increasingly onerous demands.

The plot is simple and the music by Marvin Hamlisch is good. The orchestra, led by Justin Hornback is outstanding. And, as usual, Artistic Director John Leffert has managed to bring out the best in his performers. The only disappointment is the show drags a little.

Still, A Chorus Line makes for a wonderful evening out.

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