Rev up Summer Training with Circuit Fitness

Use your leg drive to lift you up on step-ups, firm your core during planks and get your heart-rate up on agility ladders. The J’s Circuit Fitness program incorporates all of these workouts and more in a high-intensity hour-long circuit training that will help you get in the best shape of your life. The program is every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. beginning August 4, in the Life Fitness room.

The month-long program is the “merry-go-round” of the exercise world: spending one to three minutes at one exercise station, then moving on to the next with little rest in between.
Denise Joseph, personal trainer and fitness coach, will instruct the circuit classes and says that no class will ever be the same.

“I use about 10 different exercises and you’ll be going through them four to five times each. But no week will have the exact same routine. I like to mix it up,” Joseph said.

The Circuit Finess program is unlike any of The J’s other exercise classes. The maximum capacity is six people, so that you’re working out in an environment that closely resembles a personal training environment.

“We decided to keep sessions maxed out at a very small number because we want people to feel as though this is a more one-on-one environment. We want to make it more personalized to each person’s needs,” Joseph said.

“Circuit training is amazing for building cardio endurance and is a heck of a way to lose weight and tone up,” Joseph said. “It’s only one hour, once a week for four weeks. You’re really getting the best of both worlds.”

Don’t miss your chance to have the best of both worlds. The final session of the year for Circuit Fitness begins Thursday, August 4, and concludes on August 25. The program is $72 for The J members, $90 for community members. For more information visit

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