Reopen Renew Recenter

Compassion is part of our DNA.

As we reopen our doors, we are adapting to a new and relevant way of doing things – always keeping the health, safety and experience of all who enter as our highest priority. You can be a part of helping us face the necessary higher costs to keep our community safe and cared for.

Help continue our legacy of compassion.

In spite of the pandemic and all the havoc it’s caused, the business of serving our community remains strong. Compassion is who we are.


We are reopening to our members and families who have made us a part of their lives and who are a part of the life and energy of the JCC.


It may be tough and if definitely will be different. But we know that with you, we will have a place and a community where we will continue to be welcoming and will welcome all.


We are open to new ways of doing things. We are open to new ideas. And we will be open to change.

Click here to make a donation or contact Angie Fleitz at 502-238-2767 or afleitz@jewishlouisville.org.

We are grateful for our individual, family donors, and our corporate sponsors:

REOPEN $2500+

Duplicator Sales & Service
Perelmuter & Goldberg Orthodontics
Betsy & Mark Prussian
Sharon Sexter and Howard Berman

RENEW $1800

Margie and Bob Kohn


Aquatics Construction and Services – Todd Harrington 
Lee and Amy Benovitz
Ellana Bessen
Elaine Bornstein
Keiley and Sharon Caster
Mark Eichengreen and Dr. Lynn Simon
Julie Ensign
Alan and Debbie Friedman
Steven Goldberg
Ed and Sharon Gould
Doug and Karen Gordon
Frankye and Harold Gordon
Harvey and Erlene Kaufman
Chuck and Sarah O’Koon
David and Maxine Rouben
Bud and Sandy Schardein
Judy Shapira
Maury and Lynn Tasman