Rabbi Stanley R. Miles: JCRC’s new task forces will respond to ‘interesting times’

Rabbi Stanley R. Miles

There is an old Chinese curse that is terribly applicable in our world today: May you live in interesting times.
From the unspeakable violence in Charlottesville to the seeming acceptance of bigotry across our land, it appears that the despicable has become commonplace. We truly live in “interesting times.”
The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) recognizes the need to confront situations we cannot begin to imagine. Now more than ever, we must develop relationships and coalitions with people and groups in our community who mirror our goals and values.
Most of all, we must be immediately responsive to incidents threatening vulnerable groups.
To address these situations, we are restructuring the JCRC into three task forces: Local, National and International.
These groups will meet on a bimonthly basis as will the entire JCRC. Of course, the task forces will also meet whenever necessary.
The Local Task Force will address local issues. It will serve as a Jewish voice in the interfaith community and reach out to coalitions reflecting our values and concerns. Issues that arise in local schools will be a focus of activity. The Local Task Force will also confront the reality of anti-Semitism.
The National Task Force will be JCRC’s lobbying arm in both Frankfort and Washington. It will consider issues of national concern and craft resolutions for the annual meeting of our parent organization, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.
The International Task Force will deal with the issues and situations of Jews in Israel and around the world. The safety of Jewish communities in Europe and religious pluralism in Israel are currently on its agenda. Israel advocacy will be of primary concern to its members.
The JCRC is proud to constantly strive for the safety, rights and security of Jewry and other groups needing our support in these very interesting times.

(Rabbi Stanley R. Miles is chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Council.)

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