Prussian Retires after 24 years with Jewish Resource Center

Throughout the years, the Jewish Resource Center, a joint project of the Jewish Community Center and National Betsy Prussian1Council of Jewish Women has meant many things. It has meant resources for teachers in religious schools, public schools and other educational institutions when they needed information about Judaism, Jewish practices, Jewish holidays, etc.

It has meant creative craft projects for children of all ages.

It has meant monthly story hours.

It has meant outreach to schools, churches and senior groups.

It has meant participating in the Festival of Trees and Lights and international fairs.

For a while it even meant a monthly children’s activity page in Community.

And for the past 21 years, Betsy Prussian has been the person who made it all happen. For her, being out in the community and interacting with children and teachers was the thing she enjoyed most.

Many times, she spoke with groups who had never met a Jewish person before and had no concept of what being Jewish was. Prussian knew just how to handle those situations, and always brought little gifts – craft projects, food, gelt or dreidels – something even her youngest audience members could bring home.

Now Prussian is beginning a new chapter of her life. She has retired from the Jewish Resource Center. She’s going to take the summer off and consider what she wants to do next. “I want to do something creative,” she said, “and probably with kids.

“We are grateful to Betsy for her many years of service leading the NCJW Jewish Resource Center at the JCC,” said JCL President and CEO Sara Klein Wagner. “Betsy has represented the community well, visiting schools across the city for years explaining Jewish holidays and traditions. Betsy’s creativity and ability to engage our young families made story hours was a popular destination for many children.”

Prussian plans to stay active in the Jewish community, too. “I’ve been a member here my whole life,” she said. “It’s been my home away from home.

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