PJ Plus

“A great way for Jewish kids to connect with other Jewish kids from around the area and to learn about Jewish Holidays and Judaism in an informal, fun way” ~Julie Hollander, PJ Plus Director.

PJ Plus is designed for children from kindergarten through the second grade and continues the wonderful tradition of JCL’s PJ Library program. 

Since the fall of 2008, Jewish children across Kentuckiana, ages 6 months-8 years have been receiving high quality Jewish books and CDs through The PJ Library and enjoying fun-filled gatherings with their friends. Now older children will have the opportunity to continue their connection with their Jewish friends through PJ Plus.

While The PJ Library serves the youngest children (ages 6 months-8 years), by the time children reach kindergarten their skills, interests and needs have changed. PJ Plus is a way for those who are easing out of The PJ Library to be involved in more age-appropriate activities while they continue to meet and connect with other Jewish children.

Sign up for PJ Plus by clicking here.

To volunteer with PJ Plus or to learn more contact Julie Hollander, Senior Director of Youth Services at 238-2708 or jhollander@jewishlouisville.org.

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