Peace by Piece Concert Brought Diverse Faith Traditions Together

The Temple Annual Interfaith Summer Concert, Peace by Piece was held on Sunday, August 28. With over 200 people in attendance, this concert is continuing to grow, with more and more people from various beliefs, cultures, experiences, faiths and traditions all coming together to promote peace and love for our neighbor through the power of song.

Made possible by the Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks Fund for Music, The Temple’s choir, Shir Chadash, came together and performed beautifully, singing songs of peace in English, Hebrew, and Arabic. Paola Andre’s band, featuring Daniela Carrion added immense beauty to the experience, through their expression of vocal and instrumental song, singing in both Spanish and English.

Each year, this concert expands, bringing more and more people together in song, as well as at the table, with connecting conversations occurring over a delicious meal. Next year Rabbi Rooks and The Temple hope to partner with even more groups, helping spread love and peace through all of our communities, and reminding us all that coming together through song can be a magnificent force that brings us all closer together.

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