Passover: A Time to Share Our Traditions

The Passover Seder is rich with symbolism and tradition. It is a warm, welcoming ritual that brings family and friends together in celebration.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to share a little bit about Judaism our neighbors and friends in the non-Jewish community. So each year, the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Community Relations Council invites churches and other organizations across Kentuckiana to host model Seders.

CRC supplies a handbook to help each group prepare for the event, Haggadot that were written specifically for an interfaith experience, and some holiday candy. The CRC also recruits and trains volunteers who lead the Seders.

This year, Gail Moore led a Seder at St. Thomas More. Tzivia Levin led Seders at the University of Louisville Interfaith Center and at Bellarmine University. Dafna Schurr led one at the Forum; Jeff Barr at Plymouth; Benson Stone at Christ Church United Methodist; Ed Segal at John Knox Presbyterian Church; Deb Amchin at United Methodist Church in New Albany; and Jeff Slyn at Waldorf School. David and Shiela Wallace will lead one at St. Catharine College in Washington County after Passover.

The CRC is the vehicle through which the Jewish community is represented in the greater Louisville community in discussions, activities, programs and coalitions with others that help improve inter-group relationships and protect human rights. The CRC provides a forum for discussion and coordinated action on public policy issues of concern to the Louisville Jewish community and conducts educational, legislative and media efforts on issues including Israel, religious freedom, pluralism, separation of religion and state, and equality of opportunity for all.

Leon Wahba is the CRC chair.


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