Partnership with Israel Update

[Archived from March 6, 2009]

As it often has in the past, a volunteer from the Louisville Jewish community is taking a leadership role in the Central Area Consortium of the Partnership with Israel program. Dr. Phil Rosenbloom is the new chair of the group’s Medical Task Force.

Last September, Dr. Rosenbloom chaired and organized an ERG (Emergency Response Group) Ambassador’s program at Baptist Hospital East in Louisville. The ERG program, offered by the Western Galilee Hospital, trains medical personnel to handle mass casualty events.

In his new role, he will work with other members of the Medical Task Force to consider the future of the ERG program and study the impact it has had on the participating communities and campaigns. The task force has also facilitated other professional exchanges among the medical communities in the consortium communities and the Western Galilee; and it will continue this kind of contact.

At a meeting earlier this month, Federation Executive Director Alan Engel joined representatives from other consortium communities and the Western Galilee to plan for the coming year. In addition to the Medical Task Force, the group considered marketing and education, particularly in the areas of youth and the arts, regional development and adult programming.

Partnership with Israel, a program of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), is designed to foster individual relationships between Israelis and American Jews. The Louisville Jewish Community Federation has been an active participant in the program since its inception.

The Federation is part of the Central Area Consortium of Midwestern Federations partnered with the Western Galilee region of Israel. The Western Galilee is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and extends to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

Through Partnership programs, Louisville has benefited from numerous exchanges in medicine, art, music, education and business.

The program is flexible, so if a Louisvillian has a specific interest he/she would like to pursue with counterparts in the Western Galilee, it is often possible to develop a suitable program.

Kathy Karr is Louisville’s Partnership with Israel chair.

For more information about specific Partnership opportunities, contact Federation Executive Director Alan Engel. Watch future issues of Community for announcements about Partnership programming and activities.

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