JCC Nutrition Workshops to Help Members Be Healthier

Eat this, don’t eat that. This diet works, this diet doesn’t.

Health news and information can be confusing, even contradictory.

That’s why the JCC is offering a nutrition workshop Sun., March 30, that will address important nutrition issues such as how to properly read food labels, avoid the top ten toxic foods and learn healthy alternatives. Participants will explore topics like organic foods, food budgeting and low-fat myths.

Already known as a place for exercise, the JCC knows there is more to being healthy than working out. The workshop is one of a series of four to address nutrition as part of a whole health experience.

“There are two components to having a healthy body: exercise and diet. We have physical trainers and staff here to help people learn fitness. These workshops are meant to address the other component,” said Thomas Wissinger, senior director of membership and wellness.

The workshops are free and will be taught Dr. Elizabeth Tamminga of Middletown Family Chiropractic- A Maximized Living Health Center.

Wissinger said the workshop on Sun., June 1, called “Toxicity; give your life a detox” addresses food toxins, a huge trend and topic in the fitness world right now.

The last class of the series on Sun., June 29, entitled “Total food makeover; quality nutrition that makes sense” will be longer, and tie lessons together from the other three workshops.

Wissinger said the workshops should give people more tools to help them become healthy.

“You’ll see movement toward your goals you wouldn’t realize through fitness alone,” he said.

To register for the workshops contact the Health and Wellness Desk at 502-238-2727.


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