Now is the time to ‘ReOpen, ReNew, ReCenter,’ leadership says

By Stacy Gordon-Funk, Matt Goldberg
and Angie Fleitz
For Community

At the Jewish Community Center of Louisville, compassion is part of our DNA.
We see it every day in our Early Learning Center teachers who are seamlessly transitioning from their traditional classrooms to an online rhythm; in our staff that is delivering increased numbers of direct-to-home meals to seniors; and in our supporters who are stepping up to fill the gap where our critical resources have been compromised.
Despite the pandemic, and all the havoc it’s caused, the business of serving our community remains strong. Community is who we are.
This will take all of us coming together. Now, more than ever, we are leaning on each other for reassurance and support. Together, we are strong and will remain the vibrant JCC.
As we prepare to reopen our doors, we are adapting to new and relevant ways of doing things. The health and safety of all who enter our building has been, and always will be, our highest priority.
But because of the pandemic, we are facing necessary higher costs to keep our community safe.
We hope to overcome this challenge through a new initiative we call, ReOpen, ReNew, ReCenter. Here’s more about it:
We will ReOpen. Starting with the health and wellness areas of our facility, we are reopening and welcoming all of our members who have made us a part of their lives and who are a part of the life and energy of the JCC. We look forward to welcoming our families back, our campers back and anyone and everyone who is and wants to be a part of the Jewish Community Center of Louisville very soon.

We will ReNew. It may be tough and it definitely will be different. But we know that with you, we will have a place and a community where we will continue to be welcoming, and we will welcome all.
We will ReCenter. We will be open to new ways of doing things. We will be open to new ideas. We will be open to change. We may have to recenter ourselves in how we consider gathering, keeping each other healthy and/or supporting each other.
We are thankful for Bud and Sandy Schardein and Steven Goldberg for taking the lead in supporting the ReOpen, ReNew, ReCenter initiative. We are honored to acknowledge these families for stepping up during a difficult time.
As we protect, first and foremost, the safety and health of our members, funds raised through our ReOpen, ReNew, ReCenter initiative will be used to sustain

the additional staffing, security and supplies needed to operate our JCC.
All acts of kindness are greatly appreciated and we have designated supportive partnership opportunities at the $500, $1800 and $2500 levels. Please consider contributing to this critical cause. Our development team will be happy to speak with you about your gift.
What we do right now matters, and we will be remembered for this moment in time. With renewed hope and strength in fulfilling our mission to be a community rooted in Jewish culture and values providing a pathway in a changing world, we are once again coming together to discover, connect and flourish.

Want to help?
For more information or to consider giving, please contact Angie Fleitz at 502-767-1553.

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