New SportWall to be Installed at JCC

Bringing exergaming to a whole new level, a new XerPro Sportwall will be installed at the JCC on August 1. Combining exercise and gaming with fun for all ages, the XerPro Sportwall will offer new ways members and guests workout and have fun at the JCC.

The Sportwall was purchased by the JCC with funds made available through a Jewish Hospital HealthCare Services Foundation Louisville Jewish Community Excellence Grant. It will be installed in the Upper Gym on August 1.

The Sportwall makes working out more fun by using a full range of athletic movement and actual sporting goods combined with real competition and a series of touch sensitive pads and electronic score keeping to keep players motivated and focused on the competition.

The wall will be open to use by all members and can be used by large groups of people at the same time, which will make it perfect for boot camp activities as well as Family Gym during the upcoming school year.

“The XerPro provides an opportunity for ‘active play’ for everyone in the family. From simple games for Preschool Fitness classes where children hit the flashing lights to providing functional training for seniors to enhance mental and physical skills,” said Senior Director of Membership and Wellness, Larry Mestel. “The great part about the wall is the diverse ways it can be used for everyone.”


In Rockville, MD, the XerPro Sportwall is used to help treat Autism, ADHD/ADD and Learning Disabilities. “Our students [with] Autism Spectrum Disorders are not always willing to join in with team games, but the Sportwall is the ideal medium for them to compete against each other without direct interaction,” said Clare Stockley, Cambrian PE Programs coordinator.

“It engages the students and allows them to think about what they’re doing. They develop body awareness and problem solving skills when deciding how to reach each light in sequence at different heights.”

At the JCC of Louisville, watch for programs using the Sportwall designed for preschool fitness, summer camp, middle school and teens, adult and senior group fitness classes. The SportWall will also be available for birthday parties as part of the Gym Jam package.

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