New Pilates Studio Focuses on Fitness for Everyone

Self-motivation is a critical component to physical fitness and well-being, from diet to exercise. For anyone looking to explore fresh alternatives, The J’s newly revamped Pilates course is a fantastic opportunity, especially after recently renovating and refreshing the studio space, and hiring new staff including the wonderful Jocelyn Doremus, a pilates instructor with a degree in dance from Florida State University.

For The J Fitness Director Ron Peacock, finding the right candidate for the job was critical. Fortunately, Peacock found Doremus eager and willing; she was surprised to learn about the Pilates studio and excited to get started.

He explains, “All four of the new instructors bring a great upbeat personality that makes a person say ‘I want to do reformer pilates with that person’.”

Pilates is an aerobic form of exercise that emphasizes repetition and body weight activities with a specific attention to proper alignment, breathing and control. Breathing and proper posture play a significant role in the routine, which requires focus and attention. As such, the Pilates studio was given a tasteful renovation, with a design that focuses on a clean and relaxed environment.

“The new studio looks amazing. New cabinets, new carpet, new signs, pictures, new blinds. All new signage on the front door so members know we actually have a Pilates Studio. Not only we did overhaul the studio itself, but the reformer machines inside now have all new accessories which make training easier and more enjoyable,” says Peacock.

Part of the update focuses on the Reformer Pilates machines, horizontal workspaces, padded and equipped with pulleys and straps. In emphasizing the Reformer machines in the routine, there is less opportunity for high impact exercise, making it open to a broader potential clientele.

“If you’re in here, you are on a different plane of gravity. It’s a different way of focusing. It’s a very mental focus and very small. We’re concentrating on the core,” says Doremus.

She adds, “When people leave, they can come in drained, but they’re energized. When you come in here, you are awakened.”

It’s an invigorating exercise. Routines include leg presses, which are essentially horizontal squats, leg and arm work for muscle toning and a lot of core work. The calming atmosphere and cool confidence of Doremus blend for a relaxed, but efficient workout that gets your heart rate up without high impact activity.

“It looks too simple and easy for many people, but if they only knew the results you can get from it then everyone would try it,” continues Peacock.

The updated Pilates studio has the ease of a fresh spa, and is comfortable for people of all exercise levels, from new mothers to physically active members and beyond. The music is calming and Doremus knows her way around the machine in a way that lends you confidence.

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