A New Look for The J Weightrooms

For years, Jewish Community Center members and visitors have enjoyed working out at The J. But in just a few short days, sweating, cross-training and exercising will have a whole new look, literally. Starting Friday, November 4, The J will have brand new fitness equipment and that has Fitness Director Ron Peacock feeling pumped up.

“If you walk into a place,” Peacock says, “and see old stuff, and old flooring … people will not expect great results. But if they walk in and see new flooring, new equipment, it’s going to motivate them and build morale. Morale in a gym and fitness center is everything. You see people laughing, enjoying their workouts and being successful, it spreads like wildfire.”

Peacock has been working on this project for almost a year.  More than 20 new pieces of LifeFitness equipment will replace the older machines and weights in the two weight rooms downstairs. The room on the left, closest to the Aerobic Studio, will have equipment for virtually every body part, from cable cross overs, and Smith Machines, to Squat Racks and three racks of dumbbells. The room on the right, nearest the racquetball court, will be set up as a circuit. Thirteen brand new machines will be set up in a way that will allow members to get a full body work out in as little as 30 minutes. The two rooms will close on October 31 for the renovation.

Charisse Levine has been part of The J since 2014, and exercises several times a week. She enjoys taking cardio classes as opposed to lifting weights, but that could change. “I think it’s great,” Levine says. “Anytime you can upgrade to new equipment it gives you that extra excitement that there’s new machinery and it motivates you to try something you haven’t done before, so for me who usually does cardio classes, I’m excited to see what the new equipment is, and maybe try it out, even though I don’t normally lift that much.”

Peacock says using the new equipment and getting a new routine will be very simple. The new equipment is very user friendly.

Gilbert Paulino has been exercising at The J for almost two decades and is eager to see the change. “I’m used to what we have now…but I’ll adapt.”

Longtime member of The J, Helen Prather, is ready to give the new machines a chance. “I’m not real tall. Some of [the old] equipment was not built for folks who are 5-foot-3, so I’m hoping the new equipment will be for everyone, the small people as well as the tall people.“

New member Tyler Stewart adds, “I like the atmosphere here. It’s kind of laid back. You can come in, get done what you need to do.”

Peacock says The J has a plan to upgrade the equipment continuously, with updates coming every few years. “We’re one of the few gyms in this state that has this equipment” Peacock says. It’s top of the line with form and functionality. Just give it a try.” The J will offer free orientation where the fitness staff will show members how to use the new equipment.

The two areas getting the renovation will close on Monday, October 31. They will reopen by Friday, November 4, at the latest with the new equipment and flooring. So come in and enjoy the new look of a favorite institution.


  1. I am very happy to learn the exercise rooms equipment will be improved. I hopethis will be for the better since I am used to what is there as of the past two years.

    But I had very much hoped to hear from the JCC that classes in use of computers, smartphones, PADs etc would be resumed. Many, if not most, older members need help keeping up with computers, software etc. The two programs I attended in my 2 years as a JCC member are not being offered and no substitutions either. And certainly such instruction should bring in new members and retain some current members.

    Exercise is, of course, essential and desirable. But for many of us older members, computer literacy is just as important. And we cannot teach ourselves as we can do exercise programs at home. Nor do we have so many options as for exercise programs available here in Louisville

    Kindly forward this to the appropriate senior JCC officers and board members.


    Arnold Schecter, MD

  2. Exercise important but lots of places offer this now. But computer literacy programs, needed by many if not most older folks and members, are harder to find. The JCC used to have some. I would like to see both computer and exercise offered by the J. As I assume would many members, especially older members.

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