New Exercise Equipment Arrives at the JCC

The Jewish Community Center is continuing to upgrade its facility to serve you better. Twenty-eight brand new, top-of-the-line exercise machines were installed in mid-August and are ready for your workout. The new equipment is part of our commitment to upgrade the facility to give you a great experience.

”At first people were not sure what to think of the new equipment,” said Fitness Director Ron Peacock. ”They were so used to the old machines, no one realized they weren’t getting their full workout. Now everyone has to get used to working out a bit harder, which is good for them.”

The machines are all top of the line equipment. Each new piece has a three-speed personal fan to help keep everyone cool. Upgraded LED screens show users when their program will change speeds or inclines. To make it even easier to customize, all the new machines have handheld level controls so you can adjust your workout without having to hit buttons on the screen.

The JCC also purchased its first Ascent Trainer. A cross between the arc trainer and an elliptical, the Ascent Trainer provides the smooth motion of an elliptical but offers more resistance than an arc trainer. It is designed to mimic the body’s natural movement more closely than other machines, using natural footpaths and increased range of motion.

Combined with the G.E. Renovation in June, the Cardio Court now looks completely different than it did just a few months ago. New flat-screen televisions were added to the facility and the wiring will soon be hidden. A fresh coat of paint replaced the mirrors to brighten the look of the room. New carpet helped to update the locker rooms, too.


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