Never Again Mural Exhibit story to be told on KET; sneak preview planned

VAMPY students create the latest in the Never Again mural exhibit in the summer of 2017. (photo by Alex Mattingly, Kentucky Center for the Arts)

KET will offer a sneak preview of its new film, Murals of the Holocaust, the story of the Never Again murals at Western Kentucky University (WKU), at 7 p.m. Monday, February 19, in The Kentucky Center for the Arts.
Last fall, The J partnered with The Kentucky Center to present the 20-mural exhibit, which has been created over 20 years by students of WKU’s Visually and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY) program. At the time, school students from across the region were bused to The J to see the murals and learn about their significance.
Each of the life-size murals, which were done by teams of VAMPY students,  addresses a different Holocaust-related theme. Each team had to decide what images would be depicted on the canvas, debating among themselves and  adding to the learning experience.
Ron Skillern, the 2017 Kentucky Teacher of the Year who now lives in Louisville, teaches the VAMPY class on the Holocaust, which creates the murals.
The 30-minute film will air on KET at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, February 25, but the sneak preview is free.
A reception will follow the preview in the center’s North Lobby. Some of the actual murals will be on display there, along with other student artwork that the exhibit inspired. The klezmer band Lost Tribe will perform. The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence is supporting the event. Contact Jeff Jamner at for more information.

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