Nathan Spielberg Receives Ellen Faye Garmon Award

[Archived from June 5, 2009]

[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

For Nathan Spielberg, BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization) is an important part of his life, and his strong desire to make his chapter events great experiences for everyone has led to his selection as the winner of the 2009 Ellen Faye Garmon Award.

As s’gan, programming vice president, for the Drew Corson AZA chapter last term, he planned a number of events. “The first one was a free bowling event for recruitment,” he said. “We had a ton of people attend and really got the word out.”

He also planned a five-fold sleepover which included a havdallah service to fulfill the religious requirement, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Kentucky  Harvest as a community service activity, a basketball game for athletics and a storytelling session for education. The entire event was a social activity, completing the fifth fold.

A Selection Sunday event he planned at BW3 was also a big success, drawing more than 40 teens.

Spielberg has been elected godol, president, of his chapter for the coming term.

At Kentucky Country Day, Spielberg, who will be a junior in the fall, is a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and competes on the track and field team.

He also plays guitar in a band, Curious George and the Electric Fence.

He is a member of The Temple.

The Garmon Award will enable Spielberg to attend CLTC (Chapter Leadership Training Conference) at Camp Beber in Muckwanago, WI, in July. “I’m hoping to increase my leadership skills enough to spearhead an initiative to make BBYO better in Louisville,” he said, “with events to get more people involved.”

He’s looking forward to working with Justin Sadle, the regional director, and Scott Weinberg, the new adviser for the Drew Corson chapter.

Spielberg is excited about receiving the award. “I’m so happy to go to CLTC. It’s going to be a great experience that I’m going to bring back to my chapter.” He’s also looking forward to meeting “people from across the U.S. who are as interested in BBYO as I am.

“Thank you to the Garmons for funding the award,” he continued. “Hopefully, attending CLTC will let me serve as a role model, just as Ellen Fay was a role model in the eyes of the BBYO community.”

The Garmon Award is given annually in honor of Ellen Faye Garmon, the daughter of Estelle and Selwyn Garmon, who died in July 1968 in a tragic accident.

The fund was established  by the Gamma Kappa Social Club in order to further the work of high schoolers who, in the spirit of Ellen, are involved in Jewish life through BBYO and with the Jewish Community Center, and in the general community.The Garmon Award is supported through the sale of all-occasion cards.

The Garmon Award will be presented at The Jewish Community of Louisville’s Annual Meeting, Monday, June 29, at 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center. Other awards will also be presented. The program will be followed by a dessert reception.

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