Mindy Klein is the New NCJW President

Mindy Klein, the new president of the National Council of Jewish Women, Louisville Section, admitted to feeling both excited and nervous at last month’s installation when she accepted the gavel and the responsibility of leading the section for the next two years. She said she was ready to serve and to follow the example of the many wonderful women who had preceded her and built an organization that remains a strong and vital force for women, children and families in our community.

Described as a meticulous person who strives for perfection, is super organized and follows through on everything she does, Klein fits any job description the section might come up with and then some. The Columbus, Ohio, native is also a committed runner and will undoubtedly bring that same drive and determination to her new responsibilities.

A social worker by training (she graduated with a BSW from Indiana University and a master’s degree from the University of Louisville’s Kent School), Klein finds a strong correlation between NCJW’s goals of community service and advocacy and her own.

Always up for a challenge, Klein became interested in running because she used to watch others who ran mini-marathons and wanted to be like them. She equates that same mindset with running the section and plans to do so with the help of “a great team of leaders who are committed, energetic, talented and enthusiastic about taking on the job at hand with her.” For instance, although she has never run a business, she knows she can rely on the expertise of Stuart Goldberg, newly elected vice president of the section’s Nearly New Shop, in that area.

The mother of three calls herself an involved parent – a job she has done to the best of her ability “I’ve always felt,” she says modestly, “that I was there to take the place of others whose commitments prevented them from being able to help out.”

Now that her children are grown (Jonathan is 23 and an Indiana University grad, Michael, an IU student, is 21, and daughter, Rachel, is 17), Klein will have extra time with her husband, Jeffrey, a dentist whom she met when they were students at IU. She is looking forward to transitioning to her new NCJW responsibilities and also plans to keep up with the extracurricular activities she enjoys including running, playing Mah Jong, reading (she actually started her own book club several years ago and grew it from six members to 12) and indulging in chocolate at every opportunity!

Klein invites the entire community to join her in the “mini-marathon” to continue the benefits the organization has brought to the area for over a century. She stresses those achievements were made not by individuals alone, but by teams of volunteers who want the very best for our community, our state and our nation.

“Together,” she concluded, “we can continue to make a difference for many years to come.”

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