Mind + Body Reset with Helene Trager Kusman

30 Day Mind + Body Reset with Helene Trager Kusman


Join Helene on a journey that will empower YOU to align your mind and body and lay the groundwork for a feel-good lifestyle.

This workshop includes:
  • Live Meetings
  • Unlimited Access to On-Demand Resources and Classes
  • Daily Motivation
  • Weekly Meditation
  • Self-Care Guidance
  • Instructor-Led Reflection and Goal Setting
  • Exclusive Recipes for Wellness
  • Special program pricing for JCC members and non-members

What to Expect:

Daily communication via email with wellness resources including weekly meditations, movement plans, live and on-demand yoga and meditation videos, mantras, journaling prompts, guidance for establishing self-care routines, recipes and research-based superfood ingredients.

Live meetings will be held on Zoom. You will receive unlimited access to on-demand resources and classes. 

This program will begin on December 7, 2020, and runs through January 5, 2021. Participants will be engaged virtually through Zoom links and email.