Mentalist Sidney Friedman to Perform at YAD Campaign Event January 28 at The Ice House

Is it possible for a performer to identify the owners of personal objects when those objects were placed on a tray while his back was turned?

Is it possible for a performer to hold one of those objects and sense and recount interesting things about the owner without having met or talked to that person?


Young adults, age 45 and under, will find out when they attend the Young Adult Division 2012 Federation Campaign Event on Saturday, January 28, at 7:30 p.m., where mentalist Sidney Friedman will perform. The event will be held at one of Louisville’s newest hot spots for special events, The Ice House, 226 E. Washington St.

The evening includes an open bar, courtesy of Heaven Hill Distilleries, heavy hors d’oeuvres and dessert. A Vaad-approved option is available upon request.

“I encourage all YAD members to come to this event and have a good time,” said event co-chair Seth Gladstein. “We chose Sidney Friedman this year because he got great reviews from other communities and we wanted to have a different kind of event this year – something a bit lighter than we’ve had in the past.

“We’ve also planned this program to let people know there is a vibrant Jewish community here in Louisville and young people are involved,” he continued. “We hope people come away feeling like they are part of the community and valued for who they are, whether they are engaged in Jewish life on a social, religious or secular level.”

Friedman is a veteran entertainer who has performed at venues around the world to rave reviews. He is a combination of futurist, mentalist, mind-power expert, musician, “mathemagician” and author. He’s been featured on the Today Show and The View, and praised by many celebrities and corporate executives.

This is a 2012 Federation Campaign event, and those present will have the opportunity to make their pledges that night.
“This is a way for young people who want to do their part for the community to plan and budget for the year,” Gladstein added. “They can give without the pressure they sometimes feel during a telethon. Also, say they decide they want to give $1,000, but don’t feel they can do it all at once, the Federation Campaign will work with them so they can make payments in installments or even charge it to their credit cards.”

The fair market value of this event is $55 and is not tax deductible.

“While planning this event,” YAD Chair Ariel Kronenberg said, “we took into account what YAD members told us about past Campaign events. We were going for a hip place, fun entertainment and a general good time.

“This is especially important,” he continued, “because for the YAD age group, going out is a big deal. Many in this group are dealing with scarce resources and/or having to get a sitter to watch their children. We respect their concerns, so we planned this event with them in mind.

“By combining fun with Campaign,” he added, “we hope people will realize that their Campaign dollars make events like this possible. We hope the event will leave a positive impression, a new-found passion for community and a drive to increase their individual giving – both monetarily and through their involvement with the community.

Kronenberg has already been talking to people about the event and inviting them to come. “I have a feeling,” he observed, “or should I say a mental intuition, that we are going to have a great turnout for a great evening. I’m really excited about the event.”

“This event is a great jumping off place for people who want to get involved in the community,” Gladstein concluded. “I hope to see lots of people there.”

Heather and Seth Gladstein are co-chairs of the event. Ariel Kronenberg is the 2012 YAD Chair.

Please reserve your place by contacting Mary Jean Timmel at or 238-2739 no later than Monday, January 23. Online reservations can be made by clicking here.


[by Shiela Steinman Wallace]

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