Melton Underway, But You Can Still Enroll

The new class in the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Florence Melton Adult Mini-School has met for its first class, but there’s still time for you to sign up.

The program is designed for busy adults who want to learn more about Judaism. No prior knowledge of Judaism or Hebrew is required. In the basic course, students come to understand Judaism and what it means to be Jewish by exploring traditional texts and taking part in lively discussions on Jewish thought, practice, ethics and history. A side benefit is the beautiful friendships that develop as a result of exploring Judaism with classmates of all ages from throughout the community.

New this year is a class designed for busy adults with young families. The Foundations of Jewish Family Living will give you the tools to raise a Jewish family.

Courses for the 2010-2011 school years include the First Year Core Curriculum: Purposes of Jewish Living and Rhythms of Jewish Living; and Second Year Core Curriculum: Ethics of Jewish Living and Dramas of Jewish Living through the Ages. The cost for each year-long course is $525 (30 weeks, two hours per week), which includes the Student Reader. Foundations of Jewish Family Living is a 20-week mini-course (1.5 hours per week, $200) that will begin in January 2011.

For registration and information, contact Matt Goldberg, JCL CRC director, at 618-5321, email or click here.

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