Meet the Challenge

Yasher Koach fellow members! It means “Good Job,” and we deserve it because we’ve surpassed the 10 percent mark on our way to our goal of $125,000, in celebration of the JCC’s 125th Anniversary in 2015. Thanks to the two-for-one challenge grant generously offered by the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, we, the members of the JCC, have fundraisers running in CenterStage, BBYO, the Early Learning Center and in Summer Camp to help us reach that goal. Thanks to all who have already make their contribution to improve our JCC. The staff has been working hard on our behalf. Take a look at these pictures to see what they’ve installed so far:

• New, beautiful, safety fence around the Early Learning Center playground
• New basketball backboards
• New gym divider enabling expansion of the now free J-Play program
• New air conditioning units for the locker rooms in preparation for the big renovation
• Lockers are on order
• New chlorine-reducing ultraviolet system for the indoor pool
But we have a lot more we want to get done, including:
• An ADA-compliant entrance ramp allowing easy access to all members and guests
• A permanent shade structure by the family pool to protect young and old from too much sun
• A new climbing room on the lower level
• New seating and curtain for the auditorium

So many of you feel as we do, that the JCC is a second home for us and our families. Homes need our attention and care and so does our JCC. Please do your part. Join with us and many of your fellow JCC members by looking at the ways you can help on:

Then select one (or more) ways to help Meet the Challenge. Every dollar contributed may be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor) and also importantly, is worth two dollars toward making these needed improvements.

Questions? Kristy Benefield, will responded promptly. Thank you.

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