Meet the Challenge Campaign Breaks the $100,000 Mark

Over $100,000! That’s how much we’ve raised toward our goal of $120,000. With your generous contributions the JCC staff has:

• Built beautifully renovated locker rooms
• Ordered new seating for our auditorium (and a new curtain is coming as well)
• Installed new, safe tables for the seniors we feed every weekday
• Spec’d out the new climbing room that will be installed on the lower level

All in addition to the new basketball backboards, safety fence around the playground, gym divider, chlorine-reducing system for the indoor pool and more.

But we haven’t reached our goal yet. There’s still time to help. If you haven’t yet, please do so by visiting:

Every dollar contributed may be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor). Questions? Kristy Benefield, will respond promptly. Thank you.

Susan Waterman & Bud Schardein
Health and Wellness
Sarah Harlan
Kate Stratman
Early Learning Center
Barb Schwartz
Margot Kling
Seana Golder
Summer Camp

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