Lost Tribe Event Was an Evening of Fun

Although the JCL program last Saturday evening, May 17, was billed as the “Lost Tribe Event,” many local MOTs (Members of the Tribe) found themselves having a great time eating pizza and playing catch-up at Joe Hertzman’s house. This year’s Federation Annual Campaign Chair and the evening’s co-chair and emcee, Doug Gordon, probably had the best time of all as he presided over a laugh-filled hour-long presentation that left folks giggling in the aisles.

Modeled on the classic YouTube series “Old Jews Telling Jokes,” (or Jews Telling Old Jokes), Gordon cajoled Bill Ryan, Sandy Hammond, Alan Friedman and Bruce Miller into reading a joke from his script and then let the 60 or so attendees decide who was the best joke teller.

Miller’s story was indicative of the caliber of comic offerings during the night. “There was this very important University of Kentucky basketball game,” he began, “and Coach Calipari was upset to see one empty seat. He went over to the fellow sitting next to the empty seat and asked who normally sat there. My wife, the man replied. Well where is she? Calipari asked. She’s at her funeral, came his response.”

The second group of script readers included Jon Wolff, Jim Potash, Susan Rudy and Amy Gilbert. Peter Resnik, Julie Ellis, the evening’s co-chair, Shellie Branson and Lance Gilbert rounded out the third group.

Gilbert’s joke was about the bartender who was known to squeeze a lemon so hard that he offered a cash prize to anyone who could squeeze even one more drop of juice out of it. A Jewish fellow accepted the challenge and was able to squeeze out six more drops. When asked how he accomplished the feat, he explained that he worked for the Jewish Community of Louisville!

In one of the few serious moments of the evening, Gordon announced that this year’s Federation Annual Campaign is close to reaching the $2 million mark. He encouraged those in attendance who had not yet made a pledge to this year’s Campaign to do so and help reach that lofty goal. If you would like to help things along by making your pledge to the Campaign, call 238-2739 or pledge online at www.jewishlouisville.org.

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