Locker Room Upgrade to Begin November 10

A rendition of the Men's Locker Room. The Women's will look very similar, by with different paint. The new locker rooms are expected to be ready by December 3.

A rendition of the Men’s Locker Room. The Women’s will look very similar, but with different paint. The new locker rooms are expected to be ready by December 3.

Jewish Community Center members will soon notice major changes when they come in for a workout. The JCC’s locker rooms are about to get a serious face-lift.

Starting November 10, the men’s and women’s locker rooms will be closed for renovations, with reopening planned for December 3, said Tom Wissinger, senior director of membership and wellness.

The women’s locker room will get a new HVAC system, new lockers, carpet and paint, Wissinger said. The men’s will get the same, but will also get a new epoxy floor in parts of the locker room, a new vanity, and new partitions around the toilets and urinals.

While the locker rooms are shut down, the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms will be open to all members, he said. Those with rented lockers may talk to Tara Stone, assistant director of membership and wellness, to make arrangements for a locker in another locker room.

The new lockers will be wood laminate, and in the women’s locker room will have the exact same layout as they are now. There will be a slight reorganization of lockers in the men’s room, for a more appealing and efficient layout.
“We understand there will be an inconvenience for our members, but when this is done, there will be a noticeable improvement in our facility,” Wissinger said. He added that this is only the first phase of locker room improvements and there could be more to come.

The upgrade is part of the JCC’s Meet the Challenge grant. The JCC is looking to raise $120,000 by the end of 2014 to receive a matching $120,000 grant from Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence. Find out more about the challenge and donate online by clicking here.


  1. Why can’t the upstairs locker rooms be used to store coats, keys, etc? As they are now the lockers can’t be used. Where are the keys?

  2. Are the showers, steam room, and sauna still accessible on the men’s side during this construction? In short, does the construction stop at the door to enter the Men’s wet areas?

  3. Mark Eichengreen
    I can’t wait to see and use the new locker room. Thank you for running a beautiful place for people to enjoy life.

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