LJDS President: It’s a New School

[by Dr. Richard Goldwin]

In the six months before Eliahu academy closed its doors, there were active conversations between the leaders of the school and Rabbi Avrohom Litvin from Torah Academy on how the two schools could cooperate, and perhaps share resources.

When it became painfully clear that Eliahu would cease to be, Rabbi Litvin invited any of their students who wished to continue with a Jewish education to join in with the students at Torah Academy. At the same time, he made it very clear that things were going to be different with Torah Academy, starting with the acceptance of students from all streams and levels of Jewish observation.

I was impressed with the effort and his sincerity and asked if I could in some way be part of the new organization. That is how I became president of the Louisville Jewish Day School. 

Since then, even though the LJDS currently meets at Anshei Sfard, it is clearly a school that welcomes children of any family that identifies itself with the Jewish faith, including children of interfaith married families. 

In recent weeks, Rabbi Stanley Miles and Rabbi Joel Wasser have joined the teaching staff of the school to help provide the students with courses of Judaic studies that, like all courses, are presented with a positive and non-judgmental manner that emphasizes relevance and meaning in today’s world and recognizes the fact that every family has complete autonomy in religious practice.

Now is the time for the school to grow and meet its potential. In the coming months, we have set our sites on welcoming more students, raising funds to help offset operating costs not covered by tuition, setting up an organizational structure that will ensure the school moves forward and prospers and finding a home that is not affiliated with any specific congregation or branch of Judaism. 

There are a number of community leaders and parents of children in the school who have joined me on this steering committee. Lots of work remains to be done to achieve these and other goals, and we welcome input and participation from all who see the need for the Louisville Jewish community to have a vibrant, attractive day school.

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