LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | August 23, 2013

Lots of Action from the JCC

Dear editor,
My, my, since January, I have noticed a lot of action at my JCC. I have attended many of the CenterStage productions. John Leffert’s plays fill the parking lot. My mom said the Legally Blonde play was the best event of the season.

Hats off to Stu Silberman and Sara Wagner. The parking lot was full the night of the JCC Annual Meeting. This grand event celebrates the staff and volunteers and recognition of people and teens who serve our JCC with community service.

A very special thanks to Club 60. Ms. Slava Nelson and Diane Sadle took my wife and 40 other seniors on a trip to tour Washington, DC. The weekly luncheons and programs are terrific. A special event was the Barr family model Seder. Note: the parking lot is little impacted by the seniors as a bus rides them to these great senior events. Thank you bus drivers Frank, John and John.

This summer, the parking lot is fullest on Swim Team Monday. Liz Stumper has had the pools working to the max. They are full. The lots are full as we all tried to beat the heat in the lap pool and splash pools. The guards and maintenance staff work very hard during summer.

This summer the lots are full of happy campers. Their parents follow a complex maze to get to the gates. Julie Hollander runs a wonderful camp program. The staff works to ensure the kids are safe and have a good time at camp. Challah is a Friday treat, as usual.
Lewis Rowes

Poor Stewardship
Dear editor,
Our neighborhood and JCC cohabitate in the same community. It is our duty to one another to respect property and people. It is the general opinion of my neighbors and I, that a retail grocery/co-op/farmer’s market/food-share program is not appropriate for a strictly residential area. We do not want the added congestion, traffic, parking or annoyance of a stream of people “shopping” at a home in our neighborhood.

That you would advertise to promote an undesirable use of a private home in our neighborhood is disappointing at best and abetting the misuse and perhaps code-violating arrangement at worst. Shame on the Jewish Community Center.
Judy Glidewell

Editor’s note:
It is Community’s responsibility to report news that affects the Jewish community. Any enhancement of kosher food availability is news. It is not the responsibility of Community to check on zoning nor proactively seek neighborhood reaction to new undertakings.

Following receipt of this note, Community contacted Judy Wallace, the administrator of the Yad Moshe kosher food share program. She explained that she has been in touch with the Health Department and the Zoning Commission and is in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Wallace states that program is not a grocery store and food is never sold out of the house. Yad Moshe gives food to people who want or need it. She also states that no money changes hands when people pick up food.

If people cannot afford the food, they do not pay for it. If people want to make donations toward the cost of the food they take or to cover the cost of food given to people who cannot afford it, Wallace says they send checks through the mail.

She also states that people cannot drop by any time to shop. They must call for an appointment.

Unless an organization is found to be in violation of the law, or otherwise not in keeping with the interests of Louisville’s Jewish Community, our publication will accept advertising from them to offset our costs and enable us to provide the broadest possible news coverage.

We welcome feedback and appreciate Judy Glidewell’s letter as it enabled us to provide additional information to the community.

Thank you
Dear Louisville,
I am extremely honored that I was able to represent the USA in the 2013 Maccabiah Games in Israel. With everyone’s support, I got to enjoy the experience of a life time. I am truly touched by everyone who helped me achieve this dream.

Now I have a new home away from home. Israel has been implanted into me and I have been altered by this trip. I loved Israel and now I feel I have a role in our Jewish state. I’m a part of another family that took me under their wings and found friendships from around the world competing in these games.

For everyone who supported me through this journey, I would like to say thank you immensely. Thank you so much to my family and friends, Lakeside Seahawks, DuPont Manual, The Temple congregation, and Louisville’s Jewish community. When I look back I will remember the generosity of so many people. This trip has been a dream come true. Thank you.
Peyton Greenberg

Camp Gilda Coverage
We were so pleased to see the feature on the National Council of Jewish Women in the June 28 edition of Community (NCJW Organizes Camp Gilda for Children Touched by Cancer).

For the past six years, the NCJW has been such a gift to Gilda’s Club Louisville. Not only have they supported Camp Gilda monetarily, but equally important, they have given their time, talent and hearts to the 30+ children living with cancer who attend Camp Gilda each year.

These women deserve to be acknowledged for all they do and we’d like to add our sincere thanks to Camp Gilda Chair Judy Shapira and lead volunteers Judy Borinstein and Helen Wahba who were at the clubhouse every day.

Their team deserves our thanks as well: Shannon Benovitz, Shellie Benovitz, Ron Borinstein, Joyce Bridge, Barry Friedson, Sandi Friedson, Linda Fuchs, Susan Gardner, Georgia Goldman, Shary Hyman, Phyllis Jasnoff, Mindy Klein, Shelley Meyers, Mindy Needleman, Kim Reinhardt, Sue Rosen, Ellen Rosenbloom, Phil Rosenbloom, Marcy Rosengarten, Julie Sabes, Marilyn Schorin, Marsha Segal, Phyllis Shaikun, Leni Sweet, Sheila Tasman, Susan Waterman, Alice Welenken and Sandi Weiss.

With their daily delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks, NCJW volunteers not only filled our campers’ tummies, but filled their hearts as well.

Karen Morrison
Gilda’s Club Louisville

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