Letter to the Editor 05/28/10

Dear Editor,

Four Courts of Cherokee Park takes pride in serving the people of Louisville and its Jewish heritage. An important part of Four Courts’ mission is to be aware of and support the needs and wants of each individual. Therefore, Four Courts will continue to serve kosher meals to those residents/families requesting this service and, in addition, will soon be providing non-kosher meals for those residents making this choice.

Our goal is to have the facility’s kitchens renovated to support this change and to have the staff hired to also support these special needs by June 1st, but no later than July 1st.

Rabbi Litvin and the Louisville Vaad, who provides assistance to our facility regarding maintaining the kosher requirements, believes that our plan is an excellent solution. He will continue to provide the necessary support throughout the project and moving forward.
If anyone has any questions regarding the plan to provide kosher and non-kosher meals, please feel free to call or stop by the facility.

Jane Stahl RN, LNHA
Four Courts of Cherokee Park
2100 Millvale Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205

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