Letter to the Editor – JCC

Dear Editor,

It is sometimes hard to schlepp myself over to the JCC for a workout. A nice afternoon nap is beckoning. However a little push and shove and I find myself on my way.

My luck! There is one more handicapped space left. Things are looking better. Into the elevator and down I go. From then on all is wonderful. The greeting at the desk is from my friend Karen.

She hands me the wonderful orange towel and asks me how I am. I respond with what I call the “social” response: “Terrific” I lie. We both are happy. Moving along I greet Dottie who always tells me I am her inspiration.

Then I get the treat of the day. My spirits and love rise to the heavens above. Here come the babies in the elongated stroller and they are so adorable, some even wave. I want to kiss and hug them all. They are so special.

All kinds of exercisers are there too: the old, the slim, the tall and the very tall, the fat, the friendly, the Russian speaking, the loud speaking, the aloof, the super strong, etc. One thing they have in common is that they are all ready to help me and many times they do.

The departing words from the person at the desk “Have a nice day.” With that in mind I float out the door, spirits uplifted, and so glad I came. I wish the same to everyone.
Anita Goldin

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