LBSY Hires Individualized Education Planner

Louisville Beit Sefer Yachad (LBSY) has added a new position, individualized education planner, to their faculty and hired Elana Levitz to fill it, thanks to a grant from the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence. The education planner is responsible for devising individualized education and behavior plans, conducting workshops for instructors and collaborating in the classroom.

“This grant has allowed me to perform crucial tasks that have made both the teachers and the students more successful in the classroom,” said Levitz. In this position, “I am able to go in to the classroom and assess two critical components of education by observing both the students and instructors. I make sure that the students are getting the necessary support needed to be successful.

“By observing the students in the classroom setting, I am able devise an individualized education plan that focuses on the students’ strengths and unique learning styles to maximize both their abilities and desire to learn,” she explained.

“I also collaborate with instructors in regard to their classrooms,” she continued. “We work on techniques for instructing students who possess learning differences, unique learning styles or behavioral obstacles. Our goal is to engage students in learning that is obtainable and enjoyable.

“It has been a mission of mine, since working in Hebrew and Judaic education this past decade, to provide students with an education that will make them want to become lifelong scholars of Torah,” she concluded.
“Thanks to the grant provided by The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence, LBSY is making this possible for all students.”

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