LBSY Announced Academic Award Winners for 2012

Louisville Beit Sefer Yachad announced the recipients of its Hebrew academic achievement awards at its graduation ceremonies on April 29 at Temple Shalom.

The 2012 Agudath Achim Award Winners are: Mechina Class, Leah Cohen; Alef Class, Miriam Bird; Bet Class, Ben Kaplin and Eden Ungar; Gimmel Class, Ian Ford and Solomon Blinchevsky; Dallet Class, Isaac Rosenbaum and Saralee Renick; and Hay Class, Ally Doctrow, Baily Doctrow and Justin Bird. The Herman & O.H. Landau Memorial Award Winner is Isaac Weiss; the Rose Sherman Memorial Award Winner is Emma Rosenberg; and the Charles D. Levitch Memorial Award Winner is Shanna Schanker.

The Marilyn Berman Memorial Award Winner is Drew Frey; the Anita Zeiden Memorial Award Winner is Willa Kornstein; and the Margie Kohn/Joanie Lustig Past Presidents Award Winner is Madelyn Geer.
The 2012 Vav graduating class was announced in the April 27 edition of Community.

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