‘Lasting impact’

Thank you for the superb write-up you did on our museum (“Nelson County eighth graders build their own Holocaust museum,” by Lisa Hornung, May 28). You probably didn’t realize it, but the students you chose to feature were kids who are sometimes overlooked. In fact, I would daresay [none] of the students in the article have … seen their names in the news before.
I can’t thank you enough for taking time to visit our museum, nor can I overstate the impact your attention to the project made on my kids. Though I told them over and over that the public would be interested in their work, they could not believe a real reporter came to cover their museum. I know your job is to cover the news first and foremost, but you truly made a lasting impact on my kids, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Taylor Bumgardner

(The author is a teacher at Old Kentucky Home Middle School in Bardstown.)

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