Klein Shares a Trip Down Memory Lane

Allen Sherman EventIt is a rare occasion that a person who usually works the night club circuit get up before noon, but on Sunday, February 9, stand-up comedian Mark Klein was at Anshei Sfard bright and early to face a group that filled the shul’s lobby for his 10 a.m. presentation about Allen Sherman.

Klein, whose affection for the 1950’s and 60’s entertainer was evident, presented Sherman’s life story laced with anecdotes and snippets of his well-known parodies. When he played “Camp Grenada,” a quick glance around the room showed that many in attendance remembered the letter a young camper sent home complaining about his horrible camp experience and begging his parents to take him home after “one whole day” until it stopped raining, at which they sang along with the conclusion, “Mudder, Fadder, kindly disregard this letter.”

The congregation provided brunch for the event.

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