Keneseth Israel Captures Bowling’s Golden Bagel Trophy

A strike here and a split there made all the difference as Keneseth Israel’s SuperBowlers eked out a victory over Temple Shalom’s Ten Pin Topplers with just enough to “spare,” 2.76 pins. The January 17 BowlaPalooza marked the first ever competition for The Golden Bagel. The 20-pound, handcrafted trophy, designed by Matt Karr and Dave Miller, will be on display at K.I.  

Twenty one members from both Men’s Clubs, Keneseth’s Sisterhood and The Women of Temple Shalom participated. Temple Shalom’s Michael Ginsberg bowled the high game of 171. 

Temple Shalom President Keiron O’Connell was gracious about the outcome, “Given this was the first challenge of the season, we were the most improved team.”

K.I. Men’s Club president, Gary Levin was equally gracious in victory, “We look forward to defending the Golden Bagel.  It looks very much at home on Taylorsville Road.”

The next BowlaPalooza is scheduled for Sunday, April 11, at 1 p.m. at Ten Pin Lanes.

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