Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat wows audiences again

[by David Wallace]

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (music) and Tim Rice’s (lyrics) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a frothy concoction of the biblical account of Joseph and his coat of many colors in a modern swirling rainbow and spiced with variegated musical styles.

Near the beginning we see the Technicolor Dreamcoat followed by a twirling maypole of colorful streamers that eclipse the fabled coat.  Kate Reedy, the play’s narrator, proceeds to tell the tale.

The presentation starts and ends with a song with a hook, Any Dream Will Do, and proceeds to introduce disparate styles of music ranging from country (One More Angel) to rock and roll (Elvis starring as Pharaoh), to calypso (Benjamin Calypso), each one having its own distinctive style of choreography. It is truly amazing how the large cast of sixty plus, including a talented group of children, is able to function in spectacular fashion on the small stage.

Along the way everyone has a little fun and at the end of the show, when the company does Any Dream Will Do one more time, followed by a rousing Mega Mix of an encore the audience has gotten what it came for.  Joseph and his brothers are reunited, all is well, everyone goes home with a smile on their faces and, in the long run, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because, after all, Joseph and music rock the house!

Next up, in April, is the controversial Avenue Q, a Tony winner for best musical to round out the season.  Quite a contrast and what helps make Center Stage a venue for all kinds of entertainment.

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