Joels Volunteers Regularly at JFCS Food Pantry

I began volunteering at JFCS when I was entering the fourth grade. I was inspired by my Grandmother, Carole Gold-berg. She told me about the hungry families in Louisville and I wanted to help.

I try to collect food whenever I can so people less fortunate can have nutritious food to eat.

My Pledge 13 project was volunteering summers and school holidays at the Food Pantry. Recently at my Bat Mitzvah, I put colorful signs on all the tables to remind my friends and family to donate unexpired food items or money to The Pantry.

We all have a responsibility to care for our world and everyone in it. If we all donated just a couple of items each month, we would be doing tzadakah.

My Pledge 13 project made me think of others, especially the hungry kids. I will volunteer throughout my life to help where I can.

I always felt good each time I left the Pantry knowing others would not go hungry.

Thank you, Lori Joels

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