JHFE Invests in JCC; Issues Matching Fund Challenge

Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence has made it clear: Investing in the Jewish community is one of its two primary missions, (the other is medical research) and one of JHFE’s primary vehicles for investing in the Jewish community and ensuring its continued success is by providing grants to the Jewish Community of Louisville for the Jewish Community Center.

Based on information gathered from the community, extensive discussion and diligent work by JCL Board members, community volunteers and staff, the agency has just completed its Strategic Plan. It clearly states that the agency will invest prudently in the current Jewish Community Center facility to ensure it is clean, safe, functional and welcoming in the next three to five years during which time current and future needs will be assessed and all options explored in order to provide the best programs and services for the community.

In its most recent round of grants, JHFE showed its confidence in the JCL and its Strategic Plan by providing $200,000 immediately for previously deferred facility enhancements and upgrades with a promise of an additional $120,000 if the Jewish Federation can raise $120,000 to match it by the end of 2014.

Work has already begun on some of the projects. New basketball goals are already in place and a significant locker room renovation is scheduled to begin by the end of this summer.

Other planned improvements include security upgrades, a divider in the upper gym, new HVAC systems, a new overhead paging system for emergencies and the refurbishing of a room that has not been usable for a number of months.

“With JHFE as our partner,” said Jewish Federation of Louisville Vice President and CDO Stew Bromberg, “we are able to make the most urgent improvements in our facility. But this truly is a partnership, and that means we, as a Jewish community,must step up and do our part.

“JHFE is asking us to contribute just over a quarter of the cost of these upgrades, which will ensure that we can all continue to enjoy the top-notch programs the JCC offers,” he added.

The additional funding will allow for improvements in the pool area, the elevator, the outside locker rooms and the Early Childhood rooms as well as technology upgrades the staff needs to provide the kind of customer service members, donors and visitors deserve.

Please consider a generous gift to help the JCC meet JHFE’s challenge. Donate online at www.jewishlouisville.org/%20challengegrant or call 238-2739.

For more information, contact Stew Bromberg, sbromberg@jewishlouisville.org.

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