The JOFEE garden is located behind the Camp J Building, the former Anshei S’fard building, on the campus of the Trager Family JCC.

When God created the first human, God said to Adam, “Behold how good and praiseworthy my works are—and all that I have created I have made for you!  But be mindful that you do not spoil and destroy my world—for if you do spoil it, there is nobody after you to repair it.”  (Midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7:13)

The Trager Family JCC’s Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education (JOFEE) Department works to build a healthy, vibrant, sustainable, and just community by engaging participants of all ages’ sense of curiosity, consciousness and gratitude.  JOFEE programs include The Trager Family JCC educational garden, which provides produce for the Jewish Family and Career Services (JFCS) food pantry as well as The Trager Family JCC’s senior adults and preschoolers; the Gendler Grapevine Fresh Stop Market, a sliding-scale local produce market that makes fresh vegetables accessible for everybody regardless of income or other resources; sustainability initiatives such as composting, recycling and carbon footprint reduction; and educational opportunities such as dinners, food demos, youth education, interfaith events and service projects.

We hope that you will work with us to maintain the environment’s health by participating in JOFEE programs at The Trager Family JCC as well as environmental efforts in your own homes.  We are confident that we can make a difference and that coming together to appreciate the world around us will benefit the physical and emotional health of generations to come.

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