JCRC Journal | Vandalism at Louisville Mosque


September 17, 2015

Shalom Friends:

Last evening around 6:00 The Louisville Islamic Center at the River Road Mosque was vandalized in a most gruesome way.  Graffiti was spray painted all over the Mosque, saying “Moslems, leave the Jews alone” and “This is for France.”  There were also several Stars of David, the word “Betar,” in addition to Hebrew writing (saying Arabs and Moslems). Other things were spray painted as well, all equally offensive.

When I heard, I immediately got in the car and drove down there.  Our good friend Dr. Muhammad Babar of the Islamic Community was there and we immediately embraced.  We are obviously united in our condemnation and I assured the members of the Muslim community who were there that our community stands with them as we were both interviewed by WAVE 3, standing arm in arm.

We will have a community clean up  at the mosque tomorrow at 3 p.m. and, while law enforcement are looking for the perpetrators, it is vitally important that our community has a large showing in solidarity.  Please consider attending and, if you are planning on coming down, please park at Cox park, there will be shuttles to take everyone to the Mosque.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  As I explained to our Muslim friends, although we are sickened by this vandalism, it provides us an opportunity to make our communal ties stronger.  Our already deep friendship with the local Islamic community will be deeper after this…the exact opposite effect of what the perpetrator of this crime intended.

With warm regards for a safe and hope filled New Year,

Matt Goldberg

Jewish Community Relations Director



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