JCL Update: March 23, 2012

[by Stu Silberman, President and CEO]

One of the many nice aspects of being in Louisville is that the first day of spring really means spring has arrived. New growth is budding on the trees all over town, and new growth is what we’re experiencing at the JCL. Examples:

We continue to attract top-notch talent to join our team. Read the accompanying story on Stew Bromberg, our new vice president and chief development officer.

The 2012 Federation Campaign is in full swing. We have a ways to go to connect with all our generous donors who have not yet had a chance to make their commitment this year, but many who have done so have responded favorably to our request to increase their gift.

We continue to refine our governance processes to cultivate lay leaders who want to be a part of our Jewish Community’s long-term sustainability. At the JCL Board Meeting this week, the directors adopted a new Board Manual that clearly defines expectations and continues our efforts to create a working board.

The Jewish Foundation of Louisville (previously Foundation for Planned Giving/Second Century Funds) has a new chair, Peter Resnik, who, along with the reestablished committee, now provide lay oversight and ensure the funds are being used in accordance with donor intent. (See story, page 4.) We also have a new investment vehicle that provides for a Commonwealth of Kentucky tax credit in addition to a Federal tax deduction, for qualifying donors. (See story)

Israel is always on our mind. A Partnership 2Gether (formerly Partnership with Israel) mission under the leadership of our Rabbi Stan Miles just completed a successful trip to the Western Galilee with clergy from two other congregations and additional community leaders. (Watch for the story in the next issue of Community.)

We are rolling out new events to attract and engage members of our community to learn more about what we do. We are holding both Men’s and Women’s events next week, forming a group specific for attorneys, and have others in the works. (Please RSVP today for the appropriate event.)
Some of our most generous donors will be dining with former President Bill Clinton on Monday, part of a Jewish Federations of North America King David Society national event.

Young Jewish adults from Louisville and I will join thousands of active young Jews from across the country at Tribefest in Las Vegas. There, the Jewish Community of Louisville will receive some special attention, because I have been asked to speak as part of an effort to recruit professionals from the corporate track to the non-profit track.

We recently completed a highly successful JCCA Benchmarking project (See  story, page 11) and now have data on which to base management decisions to create short-term actions as we continue to improve our members’ experiences and our agency’s financial performance.

Lenny’s coming back. Lenny Krayzelburg, 4-time Jewish Gold Medal Olympic athlete, will be with us in April to kick off the Summer season of the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy.

We’re sending kids to the JCCA Maccabi games this Summer.

We’re sending young adults to Israel this Summer.

The list goes on and on. In what new growth at the JCL can we interest you? Please let us know.

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