JCL Update | June 27, 2014

Thank you. Two words I can’t say enough.

Thank you:

  • for reading this issue of Community, so you can be informed about what’s taking place throughout Jewish Louisville
  • to our JCC Members, for supporting our facility with your membership
  • to our donors, for another $2+ Million Annual Federation Campaign that benefits so many people locally, nationally and in Israel and around the world
  • to our volunteers, for your support of our staff, making possible the work that we could never do without your help
  • to our board of directors, who lead us, connect us with other individuals and agencies in the community, and spread the word of our successes
  • to our congregations and agencies, and their leaders, who work with us to build and sustain our Jewish community
  • to our advertisers, benefactors, vendors, and all who help us in our efforts to complete our mission.
  • Thank you to the hundreds of individuals who responded to our recent survey, that showed us our communications have clearly explained that the JCC and Federation comprise the JCL, and that our mission and vision are understood by the majority of those who took the time to get back to us.
  • Thank you participating in our activities. Whether you:
  • attended one of our many sold out CenterStage performances
  • celebrated the formation of the State of Israel at Yom Ha’atzmaut
  • viewed a Jewish Film Festival screening
  • enrolled a child in our Early Learning Center or sent them to summer camp
  • took an aquatics or fitness class
  • attended a fundraising event and made a contribution to the Federation Annual Campaign
  • celebrated yet another successful year at our Annual Meeting
  • or one of the so many other programs or events we offer
  • Thank you. Thank you for our fourth straight year of increasingly positive financial performance (results from the fiscal year ending June 30 to be published and celebrated this fall.)
  • Thank you for connecting with us.
  • At the Republic Bank Players Challenge benefitting JFCS and the JCC, I ran into a community member I hadn’t seen since last year’s outing, and he commented how appreciative he was of having this newspaper, so he can stay in touch with what happens in our community.
  • Others at a recent Jewish Community Relations Council meeting, led by our new JCRC Chair, Becky Ruby Swansburg, tackled extremely important matters such as the Presbyterian Church’s condemning decision last week to divest from certain companies that do business in Israel, and how our agency can have a role in addressing that unfair and uncalled-for decision.
  • We welcome new directors Seth Gladstein and Jake Wishnia to our board.
  • We are preparing to welcome new Jewish students enrolled at U of L to our Hillel program.
  • We have new JCC members, new families in Summer Camp, newcomers to Louisville

Are you connecting with us? If not, please look through this issue and find something of interest. As Hillel said, “Do not separate yourself from the community.” We each belong to many communities – our congregation, our friends, our colleagues – and the Jewish Community of Louisville to which all are welcome. Do not separate yourself from us – join us, and help us build and sustain a vibrant, caring community rooted in Jewish values. Thank you.


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