JCL Update 06/05/09

[Archived from June 5, 2009]

When the Jewish Community Federation and the Jewish Community Center merged on May 1, the Jewish Community Association of Louisville, was formed. Progress is being made toward creating a unified agency that will be flexible, vibrant and ready to meet the community’s needs now and in the future.

Now the organization is working on finding the best way to assess community needs and develop programming based on those needs.

To facilitate communication between community members and the new Board, a special section is planned for the June 19 Community. When you turn to the center pages next time you will find photos, brief biographical information and e-mail addresses for all Board members.

Please save this section and feel free to contact the Board member of your choice to share your ideas and concerns about the Louisville Jewish community. Your input will enable the Board to plan more effectively and develop the programs and services that our community needs and wants.

On June 1, the new Board met, to review progress to date and provide additional direction.

Looking to ensure that the name of the new agency truly reflects community goals, the Board, with input from the Branding Committee, chaired by Kate Latts and Todd Blue, and direction from the Executive Committee, decided that the agency will be known as The Jewish Community of Louisville.

When the new Board was constituted, the vision was to create a true community Board with representation from all agencies and synagogues as well as individuals from all parts of the community. Board Chair Edward B. Weinberg frequently stresses this aspect of the Board and encourages its members to look at issues from a broad community perspective. The name, The Jewish Community of Louisville (JCL), reflects this vision.

The Branding Committee will meet again soon to continue their work.

Progress is also being made in consolidating the financial operations of the new agency. Discussions have also begun on communications and other critical areas.

A crucial element for the success of JCL is the success of the Annual Campaign.

Normally, the Annual Campaign begins in the fall with a series of big events. This year, the national economy suffered a significant setback in the fall and a decision was made to proceed strategically with the Campaign. The Major Gifts event was postponed, but the Campaign began with major King David Society Women’s Division, Lion of Judah and YAD events. Super Sunday and other telethons were also held and many volunteers participated.

The Major Gifts Event was held in April but much remains to be done before the 2009 Campaign closes on July 31. To date, just $1.4 million has been raised, and many people who give to the Campaign on a regular basis have not yet made their commitments.

A strong appeal was made to Board members to step forward and make some calls asking people to make their pledges for the 2009 Campaign.

It was pointed out that The Louisville Jewish Community is on the edge of major success and now is the time to invest in the community so we can realize our dreams.

If you have not yet made your pledge to the 2009 Annual Campaign, please do so today. Call 451-8840 or pledge online at www.jewishlouisville.org.

Watch Community for further updates on The Jewish Community of Louisville.

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