JCL to Upgrade Phones, Internet Service While Keeping Costs Stable

Have you ever called the Jewish Community of Louisville and been told that to reach the person you want to speak with, you have to dial another number because the person who answered the phone can’t transfer your call? Have you ever dialed the general number for the offices in Shalom Tower and couldn’t figure out what to do next?

Well, that will soon come to an end. The JCL staff heard your complaints and to serve you better, a new telephone system is being installed and will be available in the early part of November. Before the end of the year, staff members whose offices are still in Shalom Tower will be moving over to the JCC.

At that time, all staff members will be on one phone system, and the receptionist who answers the calls coming into the main number, 459-0660, will be able to connect callers with whomever they want.


The new system will offer many additional benefits. AT&T is upgrading the JCL’s connection to fiber optic lines, which will provide the agency with upgraded bandwidth. For visitors to the JCC, that will mean expanded WiFi access in the building.

The new phone system will also interface with computers and cell phones, so calls can be forwarded when people are not at their desks; and if you want to send a fax to a staff members, you’ll be able to send it directly to that individual’s computer.

A number of other advanced features will enable JCL staff to serve you better and will provide enhanced security throughout the building.

Best of all, JCL’s IT professional, Cyndy Lewis, was able to negotiate the contract for the new system so it won’t cost the agency any more than its current system.

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