JCL Collects Over $21,000 for Tornado Victims

When tornadoes swept through Kentuckiana on March 2, the Jewish Community of Louisville began collecting monetary donations to help the victims of this devastating natural disaster.

The JCL’s Jewish Community Relations Council reports that more than $21,000 has been raised and donations are still coming in. About $4,500 of that amount will be given to Nechama, a Jewish disaster response organization that sent volunteers to the area immediately after the storm hit and worked on cleanup efforts with local residents.

The balance will be distributed to organizations that are working directly with the storm victims in Henryville, IN, and Marysville, KY.

The JCL received two large donations – $5,000 from the American Jewish Committee and $3,500 from the Jewish Federation of Chicago. All the rest was raised through significantly smaller contributions.

Ayala Golding is Jewish Community Relations Council chair and Matt Goldberg is JCRC director.

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