JCL Board Retreat Focuses on Commitment

The members of the Jewish Community of Louisville’s Board of Directors are taking their responsibilities to the community seriously. On Sunday, August 12, they met in the Republic Bank building on Brownsboro Road for a Board retreat and devoted several hours to reviewing their responsibilities as Board members, going over the JCL’s new mission and vision statements and learning more about the status of the agency’s strategic planning efforts and finances.

The JCL’s new Mission Statement is: Build and sustain an enriched, caring and connected Jewish community, ensuring a vibrant Jewish future in Louisville, Kentucky, Israel and worldwide.

Its Vision Statement is: A welcoming and innovative center of Jewish life, bringing the people, partners and resources unified around common purpose.


In the course of the day, the group learned about agency governance and the differences between leadership and management. Each member accepted a copy of the Board manual, which spells out Board member obligations and signed a document accepting them.

The expectations of Board members include serving on at least one committee, attending Board meetings, being members of the Jewish Community Center, making meaningful financial contributions to the annual Federation Campaign and Metro United Way and being a supporter of and advocate for JCL programs.


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