JCC’s Family Hamentaschen Bake-Off Coming

Do you have the best hamantaschen recipe? The JCC is holding a very unique bake-off of these Purim treats. To participate, families should submit their favorite recipe by February 6. By February 13, the JCC will send you a new recipe. Bake the hamantaschen with your family and take a photo. On March 1, all the families will join together for a communal tasting and prizes will be handed out. The JCC will also combine all the recipes into a cookbook.

This event is part of the JCC’s 125 Anniversary celebration.

For more information, contact Betsy Schwartz at 502-238-2708 or bschwartz@jewishlouisville.org. Families can register for the Bake-Off at www.jewishlouisville.org/hamantaschen-bakeoff/.

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